Get your happy back…

Choices that we continue to make that do not resonate with our spirits create a constant feeling of unease and unhappiness.  You start to wonder is this what life is all about and how did I get to this place? … Continue reading

I will get there somehow…

Nothing is stopping you, did you know that?   I mean truly know that there is absolutely nothing stopping you or me or anyone from what they want.  I believe the biggest lie that we have all believed at some … Continue reading

Doubt Diet…

Doubt comes in many flavors, self doubt the yummiest variety, friend doubt the tangy one, family doubt the sour one, and of course reality doubt the blandest of all. Self doubt is your favorite indulgence we gobble this up with … Continue reading

Where do you live….

That is such a loaded question I really can’t believe that people you meet for two seconds are actually asking for your address as if they plan on sending you correspondence.  We all know the real reason people ask this, … Continue reading

Why do we hate on each other?

I believe for the most part we are unaware of exactly why we choose to find the negative first.  I think for a lot of us it is subconscious and automatic.  You may even be reading my statements now and … Continue reading

Just Add Weight

The holiday weekend is over, and everyone’s back to their normal scheduled lives, but has everyone gone back to exercising? I hope so, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions over the past few days about weights and weight … Continue reading

Basics for Better Legs

Now that the ladies have an idea of what to do to get a better butt, let’s go a little lower, literally, to the legs and see what you can to do have better shaped legs.  You can’t have a … Continue reading

Basics for a Better Butt

Today I went kinda blank on what I wanted to post about, until a friend of mines suggest I should post something for the ladies, and of course the first thing that comes to mind is them wanting a better … Continue reading

Get your rest

Staying active and watching what you eat are the two major parts of being fit and healthy, but I believe the 3rd and final most important ingredient that everyone overlooks is resting.   Resting is a big part of a healthy … Continue reading